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Helping the neurodivergent is the only thing I’ve known these past 12 years…


“The Warrior is a Child”Song title and lyrics by Twila Paris (1984)

One of the most uncomfortable exercises for me is to write about whatever accomplishments I’ve done. So to make it easy, I’ll just list it down:

  • First ever in my country to have the Advanced Certified ADHD Life Coaching & soon the ICF Professional Coaching Certification 
  • Worked as a SPED teacher, Study Coach and Life Coach with individuals with ADHD and Level 1 Autism since 2010 serving hundreds of coachees along the way
  • Youngest ever President of the ADHD Society of the Philippines in 2022, and youngest ever Vice-President in 2014, and in the latter year we won the PWD Group of the Year Award
  • Established the first Adult ADHD Support group in 2012 and the first National Conference for Adults with ADHD in 2022
  • Trainer for my church’s special needs ministry and other related ministries
  • Trusted professional referred by many top psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians, psychologists, universities and schools
  • Spearheaded 10 outdoor trips with teens and young adults with neurodevelopmental conditions
  • Graduated from the 4th and final year of university a Dean’s Lister and a published author of two children’s pet care guides
  • Proud husband to Julz, father to two little girls Jordyn and Jaycie, and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ

Now why would I be uncomfortable writing an “about me” page that puts my best foot forward? Because the following also happened to me:

  • Held a myriad of jobs, often quitting after discouragement (quit my first employment after college after just 5 months)
  • Almost flunked out of college in my 3rd year, due to lack of motivation and gaming addiction (during which I gained 100 pounds and still trying to fix my health to this day)
  • Entered my MA in Special Ed in 2010, but never finished it due to a technicality plus some physical and mental health issues
  • Hid my ADHD diagnosis in 2010 from everyone except a few people, for TWO long years
  • Was told by numerous people that working with ADHD would never be for me, and many doubted it even existed 
  • Never fit in all that well in high school or in college
  • I even almost quit being in this industry, and coaching altogether

Looking at this stark contrast, it’s obvious that whatever I’ve done and wherever I am now, is simply by grace. As such, my mission right now is simply: to use whatever I’ve gone through, whatever knowledge I have to continue helping more people with ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions. 

If you’re reading this and can relate to it, I hope to talk to you soon. Seriously, I hope I can be of help.

Coach John


To unleash the God-given best among my clients and help them and them look within and overcome whatever they need


To see a world more accepting and empathic towards those who are neurodivergent, while utilizing their capabilities, enabling them to contribute and seeing themselves in the best that God had made them to be

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Send a message to Coach John