Teen & Adult ADHD Coach

“The coaching program enabled me embrace my ADHD instead of being ashamed of it because of the stigma. This was severely missing in previous therapy I went to, where ADHD was seen as a weakness “to be fixed”. I gained healthy perspectives about my actions as a neurodivergent at work and with my family. Overall, my sessions were very productive and I’m glad I went through with it with Coach John.”

-31, Female, Quality Engineer/Analyst, Somerset, New Jersey



ADHD coaching is an increasingly popular approach that has helped people overcome, move forward and has proven to be effective among those with neurodivergent difficulties. While people with ADHD & and other neurodevelopmental conditions such as ASD are impaired by their conditions, they are just as likely, if not more so endowed with unique strengths. Life coaching helps bring this out as clients are considered creative, resourceful and whole.

Coach John Meria is the first homegrown graduate of Asia of the Advanced Certified ADHD Life Cooach (A-CALC) Program by the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iAct Center) who also holds a Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation. He has been handling exclusively teens and adults with neurodevelopmental conditions since 2011 in various capacities including as an advocate, special education teacher, academic mentor, church minister and life coach. Today, he is the pioneer teen and adult ADHD coach in his country and now sees clients all over the world including the Philippines, New York, California, England, Sweden, Singapore, Belgium, Bahrain, and Spain.


Coaching is RIGHT if you want to move past things like:

  • Dealing with life after ADHD diagnosis
  • Being stuck and/or overwhelmed school and/or work due to ADHD symptoms
  • Having tried many solutions from own research of ASD / ADHD (but those didn’t work for you)
  • Unable to find out the best next step in life
  • Difficulty managing relationships
  • Having a ton of bad habits such as with sleep, eating, etc.
  • You are smart / gifted neurodivergent so no one understand why you even need help in the first place
  • Many more! Please go ahead and message me yourself

Coaching may not be for you at this time if:

  • You are still in need of intensive treatment for mental health and addiction related issues
  • You want someone to diagnose your condition or prescribe your medication (I can’t do that)
  • You want someone to simply tell you what to do or be in an instructive role for you
  • You primarily want to “heal” from past hurts and the like

For parents: coaching is right for my child if:

  • He / she is 13 years old and above (some ADHD coaches handle younger, but Coach John handles 13 and up)
  • He / she needs someone to relate to who is trustworthy
  • He / she needs to manage overwhelm with schoolwork and develop healthier habits
  • He / she needs to have more confidence to adapt better socially

Individual Sessions

For those who want to book on a per-session basis, each 45 minute to 1 hour session is 100USD (Paid in advance via PayPal). For Philippine Based Clients, this amount is 3500PHP (20% PWD discount applies to card holders).

Clients also typically also book an individual session as an extension of the preliminary session should they feel the need to open up more, know more about ADHD life coaching and get comfortable with Coach John prior to making a commitment.

1-2 Month Package

Clients may avail of more cost-effective 4 session packages. Each session is also 45 minutes to 1 hour. These sessions need to be consumed within 2 months. This package is 350USD (Paid in advance via PayPal). For Philippine Based Clients, this is P10,000 (20% PWD discount applies to card holders). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: COACHING IS DONE ONLINE VIA ONLINE VIA GOOGLE MEET. Learn more about how to look for a life coach fit for you or your child on this link https://www.additudemag.com/shopping-for-a-coach/

What clients have to say after 1 month of coaching

Send a message to Coach John

Send a message to Coach John